Synthesis and Characterization of the First 1:2 Ordered Perovskite Ruthenate


Perovskite-like mixed metal ruthenates are of interest owing to their varied electronic and magnetic properties, which are heavily dependent on the ordering of the transition metals. We report the synthesis and structural characterization of the first 1:2 ordered perovskite ruthenate, Sr3CaRu2O9. The structure was determined from a combination of powder X-ray, electron and neutron diffraction data and is characterized by a 1:2 ordering of Ca2+ and Ru5+ over the sixcoordinate B-sites of the perovskite lattice. Sr3CaRu2O9 is the first example of this structure-type to include a majority metal with d electrons (Ru(V), d3). The relationship of this material to the K2NiF4-type Sr1.5Ca0.5RuO4 (i.e., Sr3CaRu2O8) highlights the dramatic effects of the ruthenium valence on the resultant structure. Remarkably, these two structures can be quantitatively interconverted by the appropriate choice of reaction temperature and atmosphere.

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