Accommodation of Uranium into the Garnet Structure


One promising host for actinide wastes is garnet-type phases of general formula AVIII3BVI2[XO4]3. To determine the isomorphic capacity of garnet for uranium, the CaO - Fe2O3 - Al2O3 - SiO2 - ZrO2 - Gd2O3 - UO2 system was studied. Experiments were performed in air medium at 1400 - 1500 °C and 1 atm. The garnets have high capacity for Gd and Zr, while incorporation of U was found to be greatly dependent on the phase composition. Uranium content decreased from 18 wt.% in Ca-Zr-Fe garnet to 0.6 wt.% in Si-doped phases. Heavy ion irradiation (1.0 MeV Kr++) experiments were carried out for a garnet with maximal U content, (Ca2.7U0.3)VIII(Zr1.7Fe0.3)VI(Al1.1Fe1.9) IVO12. Amorphization dose of the phase was equal to 1.63 × 1014 ions/cm2 that is close to the other actinide hosts, such as pyrochlore Gd2Ti2O7.

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