Reproducible Synthesis of C60@SWNT in 90% Yields


In previous works, we have shown our discovery of C60@SWNT and first described the general mechanism of filling, which involves the vapor phase transport of C60 molecules to openings in the SWNTs’ walls. Here, we discuss the high-yield synthesis of C60@SWNT by refinements to our method. Yields are measured by a calibrated weight uptake technique, a methodology that is not subject to many of the potential pitfalls inherent to other techniques that have been applied. At certain processing conditions, yields exceeding 90% were obtained and corroborated by transmission electron microscopy. From our data, we determine the parameters most important for creating endohedral SWNT supramolecular assemblies by the vapor phase method. Our results pave the way for successful single-tube measurements and for high-yield filling with non-fullerenes.

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