Processing Complex and Uniform Nanoparticles for Microelectronic and Photonic Applications


Two major challenges that exist in order to utilize nanoparticles as building blocks for microelectronic and photonic applications are presented. The first challenge is how to make uniform nanoparticles in industrial-scale. The second challenge is how to convert these nano-building blocks to application forms such as device structures or coatings. In this paper, materials and processing guidelines to provide the solutions for these challenges are described on the basis of (a) laser-driven chemical reaction processes to generate a versatile range of nanoparticles having extremely narrow size distributions, and (b) unique organic-inorganic nanocomposites using surface engineering over nanoparticles. As promising applications, direct deposition of nanoparticles and nanocomposites are discussed in conjunction with planar lightwave devices, photonic nanocomposites for the refractive index engineering, and planarization processes for electronic chips.

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