Processing Effects on The Morphology of Hydrothermally Derived Nanocrystalline Lead Titanate


Nanocrystalline lead titanate was synthesized by reacting nanocrystalline titanium oxide in aqueous solutions of potassium hydroxide and lead acetate at 200 degrees C. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and TEM studies suggest that the initial KOH concentration influenced the nucleation and growth behavior of the lead titanate nanoparticles. Powders were processed in aqueous solutions containing 0.10 M lead acetate and a Pb:Ti ratio of 1, with varying concentrations of KOH. Powders processed in 0.01 M KOH were composed of irregularly shaped particles with 50-100 nm in size, processing in 0.10 M KOH produced particles with finger-like morphology and broader particle size distribution, and processing in 1.0 M KOH resulted in anisometric plates with (001) facets, and 100-200 nm in size. XRD studies have shown systematic variations in the position and symmetry of reflections with a l component as a function of particle size. This indicates that the c/a ratio of lead titanate increases with decreasing nanoparticle size

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