Polymerization in Inverse Microemulsion: An Effective Tool to Produce Biodegradable and non Biodegradable Nanoparticles


Potential of polymerization in inverse microemulsions has been illustrated by the preparation of crosslinked nanoparticles with functional groups on the surface. Nonbiodegradable polyacrylamide nanoparticles have been prepared, with the purpose to use these stable monodisperse lattices as enzymatic reactors and in diagnostic applications. Their size is in the 50 to 90 nm range and they contain a model enzyme (alkaline phosphatase) immobilized. In another example, monodisperse biodegradable nanoparticles of polyamidoamines with a size from 90 to 130 nm have been prepared. They are envisioned for intravenous administration because of a low content of non-metabolized material and absence of toxicity.

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