Glow Discharge Produce Amorphous SiC:H Thin Films


Amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbide alloy films (a-SiC:H) were produced by the decomposition of methane and silane in a glow discharge deposition system. A deposition rate of 13 Å/sec was achieved for good quality films. Amorphous SiC:H films of p+ type and n+ type of a band gap of 1.86 eV and 1.8 eV and the activation energy of 0.4 eV and 0.23 eV, respectively were obtained. Results show that p+ type and n+ type a-SiC:H films can be good window layers and good diffusion barriers for indium in polyimide/metal/n-i-p(p-i-n)/ITO amorphous silicon solar cells.

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This work was supported by the Solar Energy Research Institute subcontract No. ZB-4-03056-2.

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