Time Dependence of the Metastable, Optically-Induced ESR in a-Si:H


The occurrence of optically-induced, metastable changes in the paramagnetism in films of a-Si:H is well known. The effect was first observed with white light in powdered samples, but recent experiments with both white and monochromatic light incident on films on substrates have observed a similar effect. This optically-induced ESR appears to be stable at temperatures ≤ 400 K. Typical inducing curves for samples with initial dark spin densities ns > 1016 spins/cm3 approach a power law behavior (ns ∼ t1/3) at long times. However, when the dark spin density is less than 1016 spins/cm3, the samples exhibit an inducing curve (on a log-log scale) with a continuously decreasing slope. The curve does not exhibit a unique power law behavior over an extended range of time and is at all times ≤ t1/3.

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