Doping profiles of n-type GaAs layers grown on Si by the conformal method


We study doping profiles in selectively Si-doped GaAs layers grown by the conformal method. This growth technique allows to obtain GaAs/Si with optoelectronic quality. The samples are laterally grown, and selective doping with Si is carried out in such a way that doped stripes are intercalated with undoped ones. The study of the doping profiles was carried out by cathodoluminescence (CL) and micro-Raman (μR) spectroscopy. Abrupt doping profiles between doped and undoped stripes were demonstrated by monochromatic CL images. Deep level related CL bands can be observed between 1000 and 1400 nm, evidencing the complex mechanism for Si incorporation at the growth temperature (730 °C). Net doping concentrations and mobilities across the layers were determined from the analysis of the phonon-plasmon coupled modes in the μR spectra obtained with a lateral resolution better than 1 μm.

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