Strategies For Direct Monolithic Integration of AlxGa(1−x)As/InxGa(1−x)As LEDS and Lasers On Ge/GeSi/Si Substrates Via Relaxed Graded GexSi(1−x) Buffer Layers


AlxGa(1−x)As/GaAs quantum well lasers have been demonstrated via organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD) on relaxed graded GexSi(1−x) virtual substrates on Si. Despite unoptimized laser structures with high series resistance and large threshold current densities, surface threading dislocation densities as low as 2×106 cm−2 enabled cw room-temperature lasing at a wavelength of 858nm. The laser structures are oxide-stripe gain-guided devices with differential quantum efficiencies of 0.16 and threshold current densities of 1550A/cm2. Identical devices grown on commercial GaAs substrates showed differential quantum efficiencies of 0.14 and threshold current densities of 1700A/cm2. This comparative data agrees with our previous measurements of near-bulk minority carrier lifetimes in GaAs grown on Ge/GeSi/Si substrates. A number of GaAs/Ge/Si integration issues including thermal expansion mismatch and Ge autodoping behavior in GaAs were overcome.

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