Continuous YBCO - Tape Coating by Thermal Evaporation


Currently, due to simultaneous large area coating thermal evaporation (TE) allows the highest YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) volume deposition rates among various coating techniques. The simultaneous large area deposition translates into long length when the deposition area is closely filled up with metal tape. On short RABiTS samples thermal evaporation has already established critical current densities in excess of 1 MA/cm2 at 77K. Recently, the deposition technique has been scaled up using a multi-turn tape winder for a simultaneously coatable length of 4 meters of 1 cm wide tape. The reel to reel tape deposition system is designed for long term operation based on a vapor composition control by atomic absorption spectroscopy and in situ refillable evaporation sources. In the initial setup phase the system has been able to reproduce the above results on small samples. The first results on continuously moving tape substrate coating up to a length of several meters will be reported.

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