Preparation of Bi-2212/Ag Tapes by Electrodeposition


Bi-2212 precursor films were deposited on both sides of polycrystalline Ag tapes by electrodeposition. After a melt-solidification process in flowing oxygen atmosphere, c-axis textured Bi-2212 films with Jc( 0T, 4.2K) up to 820,000 A/ cm2 were obtained. A post annealing in flowing nitrogen at 475°C for 25 minutes increased Tc from 72 K to 92 K, and Jc(H=0T) > 17, 000A/ cm2 was observed at 60 K. No scaling behavior of the pinning force was observed, indicating more than one pinning mechanism in thus obtained Bi-2212/Ag tapes.

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