Crystal Growth and Superconducting Properties of Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy (Bi2223) Single Crystals


Bi2223 single crystals were grown by the floating zone method with an extremely slow growth rate of 0.05 mm / h. The largest size of the plate-like single crystal was approximately 3 × 2 × 0.1 mm3. The X-ray diffraction analysis and DC susceptibility measurements revealed that the grown crystals were almost single phase of Bi2223 with a very small percentage of Bi2212 intergrowth. Then carrier doping was systematically controlled in a wide range from underdoping to overdoping by post annealing under various conditions. Tc of the crystals was found to vary from 98 K (underdoped) to 108 K (overdoped) with Tc = 110 K for optimally-doped. In the optimally-doped phase the electromagnetic anisotropy factor, γ2 of Bi2223 was smaller than that of Bi2212. Abrupt resistivity drop was observed under fields below the second peak field of the magnetization hysteresis loops, suggesting a first order phase transition of the flux line lattice. Magnetic phase diagram of Bi2223 single crystals for H // c was found to be similar to that of Bi2212.

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