A Novel Poly-Si TFT in Line-Crossover with High Aperture Ratio and Small Signal Delay of AMLCD Panel


We have proposed and fabricated a novel poly-Si TFT that is integrated into the gate-data line-crossover in order to increase aperture ratio and to decrease signal delay of AMLCD panel and electrical characteristics of TFT integrated into gate-data line-crossover almost are identical to conventional TFT. The aperture ratio of AMLCD panel was increased considerably because the TFT was located under the opaque metal line. We employed a low dielectric air-gap between the gate-data line crossover, which reduced a capacitance between the gate and data lines so that the RC signal delay of the data line is decreased significantly. Our experimental result shows that the fabricated TFT was successfully operated and the proposed structure found to reduce the RC signal delay has been reduced by factor of 9 compared with conventional AMLCD panel that employs SiO2 for insulator between gate and data lines.

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