Carbon Diffusion and Clustering in SiGeC Layers Under Thermal Oxidation


In this work we investigated the diffusion and clustering of supersaturated substitutional carbon 200nm thick SiGeC layers buried under a silicon cap layer of 40nm. The samples were annealed in inert (N2) or oxidizing (O2) ambient at 850°C for times ranging from 2 to 10 hours. The silicon self-interstitial (I) flux coming from the surface under oxidation enhances the C diffusion with respect to the N2 annealed samples. In the early stages of the oxidation process, carbon escape by diffusion across the layer/cap interface dominates. This phenomenon saturates after an initial period (2-4h) which depends on the C concentration. This saturation is due to the formation and growth of C containing precipitates which are promoted by the I injection and act as a sink for mobile C atoms. The competition between clustering and diffusion is discussed for two different C concentrations.

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