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Deposition and Characterization of Metal/Polyaniline Bi-Layers | SpringerLink

Deposition and Characterization of Metal/Polyaniline Bi-Layers


In this study bi-layers of metal/polyaniline (PAni) films were deposited and characterized in order to investigate the interaction of thin film metals with doped and de-doped PAni. The bilayers were fabricated by depositing PAni films on flat substrates via solution chemistry and then depositing metallic films by physical vapor deposition. The oxidation state of the PAni was varied from the doped emeraldine salt to a de-doped emeraldine base to a de-doped and fully reduced leucoemeraldine base. Aluminum and iron thin films were then magnetron sputter deposited onto the PAni films to form bi-layer structures. Characterization of the fabricated bi-layers by scanning electron microscopy, current-voltage measurements, and Auger electron spectroscopy was done to investigate the morphology, electrical properties and chemical composition of the samples. Results from the study indicate that the type of metal and the doping level of the PAni influence the interactions and properties of metal/PAni interfaces and films.

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