Alteration of Uranium-Rich Microlite


Microlite, a Ta-rich member of the pyrochlore group, occurs in 440 Ma old lithium pegmatites in Mozambique and exhibits a pronounced growth zoning, with a U-free core surrounded by a U-rich rim (UO2 ≤ 17 wt%). Subsequent to the uplift of the host rock, microlite was subjected to intense low-temperature alteration during which Na, Ca and F were leached from the microlite crystals. This alteration, resulting from exposure to tropical conditions, also led to localized redistribution of radiogenic Pb (formation of plumbomicrolite) and to hydration of microlite, but U remained immobile. The low-temperature alteration effects are only observed in the U-rich rim, which is characterized by abundant microfractures. As demonstrated by electron diffraction images and powder X-ray patterns, the U-rich rim is largely metamict. Our investigation illustrates the importance of natural analogues in evaluating the durability of pyrochlore-based nuclear waste-form materials over geologic time.

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