Pretreat: A Graphical User Interface-Based Spreadsheet Model for Hanford Tank Waste Pretreatment Processes


A spreadsheet model, PRETREAT, was developed for mass-balance calculations of pretreatment processes proposed for the immobilization of Hanford nuclear wastes. In PRETREAT, a graphical user interface is implemented for convenient navigation through the large number of worksheets used in the model, for data input, modification of process parameters, and viewing model results. PRETREAT can be used to estimate radionuclide and chemical species concentrations in the waste streams at each stage of the pretreatment flowsheet, and to help in assessments of potential radiological, chemical, and criticality hazards and in identification of mitigation strategies. The model can also be used to evaluate the sensitivity of model results to uncertainties in model parameters such as decontamination or separation factors.

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