Magnetic properties of melt-textured DyBCO single domains


This communication aims at reporting the superconducting properties of several bulk melt- processed DyBa2Cu3O7−x samples determined by using various measuring techniques. The original single domain material was first cut into 9 similar cubic samples which have been characterized by AC susceptibility, flux profiles and DC magnetization. The results indicate good quality melt- processed (RE)BCO materials with Tc ≈ 89 K. Next, the effect of post oxygen annealing treatments on these samples was studied. The influence of the non-uniformity of the oxygen content on the magnetic property anisotropy is discussed. Finally, additional magnetic measurements were carried out by using a couple of parallel pick-up coils wound on the same sample. From the results we conclude that geometric effects have to be taken into account in order to extract the critical current density from the magnetic properties.

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