Magnetic Field Dependence of Critical Current Density of TFA-MOD Processed YBCO Coated Conductors


YBCO films on LaAlO3and IBAD (YSZ/Hastelloy) substrate were made by TFA-MOD (metalorganic deposition using trifluoroacetate) process. Improved coating solution resulted in high Jc at 77.3K and 0T of 7 MA/cm2 and 1.7 MA/cm2 for LaAlO3 and IBAD substrates, respectively. The magnetic field dependence of Jc at 77.3K also showed superior property: 105 A/cm2 at 4T (B//c-axis) for the LaAlO3substrate and at 3T (B//c-axis)) for IBAD substrate. Furthermore, the difference in Jc between single crystal LaAlO3and IBAD was small up to 3T. The present results imply that TFA-MOD process is promising for the practical YBCO coated conductor process.

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