Surface structure and metal epitaxy: Ag/Cu(111)


We have investigated the growth of 3 ML (mono-layer) of Ag on Cu(111) for substrate temperatures from 170 through 640 K by using time of flight-impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy (TOF -ICISS). Two different types of epitaxial growth exist: Ag [112̄]//Cu[112̄](type-n) and Ag [1̄1̄2]//Cu[112̄] (type-r).The growth modes of the Ag thin films on Cu(111) surfaces depend strongly on the temperature during deposition with the Ag(111) planes having a preferred orientation of either type-n growth mode or type-r growth mode as a function of theCu substrate temperature. The experimental results concerning Ag/Cu(111) show many similarities to those in the previous study of Au/Ni(111). This would suggest that an observed oscillation in the growth mode, dependent on the substrate temperature during deposition may a general phenomenon on solid surfaces, in cases of large misfit since it has now been seen for both Au/Ni(111) and Ag/Cu(111) systems.

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