Optical properties of self-organised SSMBE and GSMBE Ge nanostructures grown on SiGe template layers on Si (118)


This work reports on the photoluminescence properties of self-organized fully strained Ge dots fabricated using two different growth techniques: gas source molecular beam epitaxy (GS-MBE) and solid source molecular beam epitaxy (SS-MBE). Variable temperature photoluminescence (PL) measurements were carried out on Si/(n)Ge/SiGe/Si structures (n varying from 1 to 7 monolayers) consisting in double layer structures (Ge(n)/Si1-xGex) deposited on (118) oriented Si substrates. The process used consists in realising in a first step a Si1-xGex template layer with a “self-patterned” morphology. Such patterning, based on periodic morphological modulation of the surface is used to confine and organise the Ge dots in a second deposition step. Similar series of experiments with various growth temperatures, Ge coverage levels and Si1-xGex concentrations (x) were done by both GS-MBE and SS- MBE. The PL from the 2D wetting layer in the case of n = 3 ML has been found to be more intense in GS-MBE thanks to the passivating role of the hydrogen atoms. The 2D to 3D growth transition is accompanied by the occurrence of a red-shifted broad PL band (L) attributed to the Ge dots. While broadened luminescence is obtained from dots directly deposited on the Si substrate, a narrower band is obtained from dots deposited on the template layer. Moreover the red-shift of the (L) band observed in the latter case is attributed to higher Ge concentration in the dots. On the other hand, there is no effect of the hydrogen on the formation of the islands which show similar optical and structural properties in both growth techniques. The main difference between GS-MBE and SS-MBE concerns a low energy shift in the PL of the SSMBE Ge dots we interpret as due to size, dispersion and Ge concentration or strain effects

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