1300 K Compressive Properties of Directionally Solidified Ni-33Al-33Cr-1Mo


The Ni-33Al-33Cr-1Mo eutectic has been directionally solidified by a modified Bridgeman technique at growth rates ranging from 7.6 to 508 mm/h to produce grain/cellular microstructures containing alternating plates of NiAl and Cr alloyed with Mo. The grains had sharp boundaries for slower growth rates (≤ 12.7 mm/h), while faster growth rates (≥ 25.4 mm/h) lead to cells bounded by intercellular regions. Compressive testing at 1300 K indicated that alloys DS'ed at rates between 25.4 to 254 mm/h possessed the best strengths which exceed that for the as-cast alloy.

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