Effect of surface defects on the fatigue behavior of a cast TiAl alloy


The effect of surface defects on the performance of TiAl-base alloys is an issue of importance in contemplating their application into engine components. Due to the relatively low ductility and low impact resistance of gamma alloys the validation of models for estimating economic life and for safe-life approaches employed for components becomes of great importance. Surface defects can be attributed to various sources during the manufacturing or handling of the components. In fact, little is known about the detrimental effects of surface defects on gamma alloys. In the present study, the effect of artificially introduced surface defects, on the high cycle fatigue behavior of the Ti-47Al-2W-0.5Si, will be investigated and correlated with the crack growth behavior at 700°C. The results are reported in the form of the Kitagawa diagram in which the safe and unsafe zones for crack advance and fracture are defined.

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