Processing and Properties of Gamma+Laves Phase in-situ Composite Coatings Deposited via Magnetron Sputtering


Recent research efforts have established that Laves phase reinforced gamma titanium aluminides (i.e. γ + Laves) offer significant potential as oxidation resistant coating in high-temperature structural applications and as wear-resistant coatings for cutting tools. In this study, TiAlCr coatings were magnetron sputtered from a Ti-51Al-Cr alloy target onto various substrates. The microstructure, hardness, and stress behavior of the as-deposited and annealed coatings have been investigated.

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This work was supported by the U.S. Army Research Office under Grant No. DAAD 19-99- 1-0152 and acknowledges the use of the facilities supported by the MRSEC Program of the NSF under Award No. DMR-9809423.

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