Fabrication of MgIn2O4 Thin Films With Low Resistivity on MgO (100) Surface by PLD Method


Thin films of MgIn2O4 spinel, which is a recently discovered TCO material, were deposited on MgO (100) surface by PLD. The thin films were prepared under low oxygen partial pressure to enhance formation of oxygen vacancies, from which carrier electrons were generated. X-ray analyses and AFM observations suggest epitaxial growth of the grains with diameter of 100~200nm. The grains showed strong orientations both along the normal of the thin film and in plane. Epitaxial growth of the spinel was also confirmed by high-resolution transmission electron microscopic observations. The lattice image of the interface region suggests formation of structural imperfections such as dislocations, grain boundaries and amorphous phase in significant fraction. Strong optical absorption due to electron carriers was detected in near infrared region. Very large Burnstein-Moss shift was observed in ultraviolet region, and the optical band gap was estimated to be 4.3eV. DC conductivity observed was 4.5×103Scm−1, which is the highest value reported for the material so far. Concentration and Hall mobility of carrier electrons were found to be 2.1×1021cm−3 and 14cm2V−1s−1, respectively.

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