Crystal Growth of Laser Annealed Polycrystalline Silicon as a Function of Hydrogen Content of Precursors


The influence of hydrogen in a precursor on excimer laser crystallization behavior was investigated. The crystal orientation and lattice constant of polycrystalline silicon films were analyzed by X-ray diffraction measurement. An intensity ratio of 111 to 220 was used as an index of the (111) preferred orientation. A randomly oriented film with an index of 2 at lower energy density changed to the highly (111) oriented phase with an index of more than 15 at higher energy density. It was observed in the PE-CVD films that increasing the hydrogen in the precursor films decreased the orientation index. The lattice constant of the laser-annealed PE-CVD silicon was found to be larger than that of the PVD silicon and to decrease with an increase in laser energy density. The network structure of as-deposited PVD film with less hydrogen content was denser than that of as-deposited PE-CVD. The network structure of the precursor strongly affected the crystal growth, and the structure of the ELC poly-Si was still affected by the precursors, even though the hydrogen content decreased after laser annealing.

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