Experimental Study of the Nickel Solubility in Suphidic Groundwater Under Anoxic Conditions


Recent literature recognizes a lack of proper chemical data that may be necessary for the calculation of realistic values of the nickel solubility in sulphidic groundwaters. Consequently, in order for the performance assessment of radioactive waste repositories to be conservative, solubility values that clearly exceed those obtained from modelling and experiments have been used to compensate for uncertainty. The safety analysis of decommissioning waste from the Olkiluoto NPP indicates that59Ni, together with94Nb, will dominate the dose rates in the waste after about 65 000 years. However, the estimated solubility limit of nickel is uncertain, and more studies are needed.

This paper presents the results from an experimental study of the nickel solubility in sulphidic groundwater under anoxic conditions. The waters used were natural groundwater from Olkiluoto and synthetic saline water, to which sodium sulphide had been added. Two sulphide concentrations, 0.1 and 3 mg/L, were used.

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