Performance and Spectral Response of Far-Infrared Pb1−xSnxTe(In) Photodetectors


Direct comparison of performance has been done for a Pb1−xSnxTe(In) photodetector, a Si(Sb) BIB structure and a state of the art Ge(Ga) photoconductor in the integration cavity. The PblSnTe(In) photodetector shows several orders of magnitude higher responsivity S, then the Si(Sb) BIB at the wavelength λ ∼ 14 µm. Persistent photoresponse with SI ∼ 103 A/W at 40 mV bias and 1 s integration time at the wavelengths of, λ = 90 and 116 µm has been observed for the first time for the Pb1−xSnxTe(In) photodetector. This value is by a factor of ∼ 100 higher than the respective parameters of the Ge(Ga) photoconductor in the same conditions.

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