Immobilization and Leakage of Krypton Encapsulated in Zeolite or Glass


Krypton and other gases are readily adsorbed in zeolite 5A molecular sieve or porous Vycor® “thirsty glass” and may be trapped there by sintering 2–4 hours at 700° or 900°C, respectively. Encapsulation in these materials is the basis of a method to “immobilize” krypton-85 for storage. Amounts of gas trapped are approximately proportional to gas density, and are about 50 and 40 cc(standard conditions = STP)/cc of solid at 1000 atm, for zeolite 5A and glass, respectively. Based on tests of a few months duration a leakage of 0.3% of the krypton is predicted for 10 years at 400°C for either material.

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