The Role of the Multi Buffer Layer Technique on the Structural Quality of GaN


Successive growth of thick GaN layers separated by either LT-GaN or LT-AlN interlayers have been investigated by transmission electron microscopy techniques. One of the objectives of this growth method was to improve the quality of GaN layers by reducing the dislocation density at the intermediate buffer layers that act as barriers to dislocation propagation. While the use of LT-AlN results in the multiplication of dislocations in the subsequent GaN layers, the LT-GaN reduces dislocation density. Based upon Burgers vector analysis, the efficiency of the buffer layers for the propagation of the different type of dislocations is presented. LT-AlN layer favor the generation of edge dislocations, leading to a highly defective GaN layer. On the other hand, the use of LT-GaN as intermediate buffer layers appears as a promising method to obtain high quality GaN layer.

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