The Effect of Nitrogen Ion Damage on the Optical and Electrical Properties of MBE GaN Grown on MOCVD GaN/Sapphire Templates


We have established a correlation between localized states responsible for mid-gap optical emission and film mobility of GaN grown under different nitrogen conditions. By imposing a deflector voltage at the tip of the plasma source, we varied the ion/neutral flux ratio to determine how N ions affect mid-gap luminescence and electrical mobility. Low energy electron-excited nanometer scale luminescence (LEEN) spectroscopy in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) showed mid-gap emission intensities in the bulk that decreased in the ratio, 50: 1.3: 1 with increasing deflector voltage. Hall measurements indicated over a factor of two increase in mobility, and a factor of 8 decrease in residual charge density with increasing deflector voltage. The correlation of optical and electrical properties with a reduction in N ion flux suggests the primary role of native defects, such as N or Ga vacancies, in the mid-gap emissions.

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