Coalescence of C60 Molecules in Fullerite by Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulses: An Ab-Initio Simulation


We present an ab-initio molecular dynamics study of the modifications induced on fullerite by the irradiation with ultrashort very intense laser pulses. We identified the threshold for the non-thermal cage-opening of the C60 molecules which is the analogue of the laserinduced non-thermal melting observed in semiconductors and graphite. The new phase formed by the non-thermal coalescence of the C60 molecules is fluid-like and mainly formed by small chains of 2-fold coordinated carbon atoms.

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    We verified that a tight-binding model [15] is able to reproduce, at least qualitatively, the non-thermal fragmentation process and to provide a structure of the l’-C phase very close to the ab-initio results. Therefore we checked for possible artifacts due to the finite size of the simulation cell only within the tight-binding framework.

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