Partial Carbonization of Aromatic Polyimide Films


Aromatic polyimide films are partially carbonized between 700°C and 1000°C. Electrical conductivity and Hall coeficient have been measured. Electrical conductivity is higher at higher measuring temperatures. The electrical conductivity σ can be expressed as σ= σ0exp (-E /kT), where k is the Boltzman constant. T is the absolute temperature. E depends upon the carborized temperature. The experimental data show the Hall coefficient RH is negative, and this implies the carriers are negatively charged, i.e. electrons. The specimens are n-type semiconductors. The carrier density η can be expressed by η= A1 exp (-E1/κT) and carrier mobility μ can be expressed by μ = A1exp (E2/κT). E, E1andE2 depend upon the carbonized temperature

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Doyama, M., Ichida, A., Inoue, Y. et al. Partial Carbonization of Aromatic Polyimide Films. MRS Online Proceedings Library 593, 389–394 (1999).

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