Real-Time Monitoring of Acoustic Linear and Nonlinear Behavior of Titanium Alloys During Cyclic Loading


Variation in acoustic nonlinearity has been monitored in real time during fatigue, on four dogbone specimens of Ti-6A1-4V, under low cycle fatigue conditions, from the virgin state all the way to fracture. The results of these experiments show that the acoustic nonlinearity undergoes large changes during the fatigue and follows a similar trend for the material under given fatigue test conditions. Transmission electron microscopic (TEM) examination of the samples with similar composition fatigued to different stages indicates a gradual change in the microstructure and dislocation density, which correlates with the changes in acoustic nonlinearity.

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The authors acknowledge Mr. Tim Campbell, Mr. Ed. Klosterman and Mr. Marc Ruddell for their assistance in the experimental measurements. This research was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Project Agency (DARPA) Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI), under Air Force Office of Scientific Research Grant No. F49620-96-1-0442.

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