Nondestructive Measurement of In-Plane Residual Stress in Silicon Strips


This paper reports the development of a shadow moiré technique to measure the in-plane residual stresses of thin, flat strips. This is an extension of prior work on the measurement of in-plane residual stresses in silicon plates and wafers. Phase stepping shadow moir6 and digital image processing techniques are employed to measure the deflections of the silicon plate specimens subjected to three-point-bending at several different loads. The measured deflections over the area of the silicon plates are fitted with an equation represented by a 2-D polynomial. With the theory of thin plates with large deflection, the fitting coefficients are used to extract the in-plane stresses at the different bending load. The residual stress is resolved by linear regression of the in-plane stresses versus bending loads.

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This work is supported by EBARA Solar, Inc. Special thanks goes to Dr. Daniel L. Meier for helpful discussions.

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