Raman Characterization of Composition and Strain in Si1−xGex/Si Heterostructures


High quality epitaxial Sil−xGex/Si (x = 0.09 to 0.27) samples were studied with polarized Raman scattering technique. The LO (longitudinal optical) -TO (transversal optical) phonon mode splitting due to the tetragonal strain imposed by the lattice mismatch between Sil−xGex and Si was observed for the first time in such structures. In contrast to the case of uniaxial stress, the biaxial stress induces a larger strain frequency shift for the LO mode than for the TO mode. The phonon strain shift coefficient for the LO mode was found to be 1010 cm−1, which is larger than most of the values reported in the literatures, and almost composition independent throughout the range of x≤0.27. We argue that the smaller LO strain shift coefficients indicate that the Sil−xGex films used in previous work were partially relaxed.

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