Characterization of Ni- and Ni(Pt)-Silicide Formation on Narrow Polycrystalline Si Lines by Raman Spectroscopy


The formation and thermal stability of Ni- and Ni(Pt) silicide on narrow polycrystalline Si (poly-Si) lines have been investigated using the non-destructive micro-Raman technique. The presence of Ni or Ni(Pt)Si on poly-Si lines with linewidths ranging from 0.5 gtm to 0.25 μm has been monitored by a distinct Raman peak at around 215 cm−1. Ni(Pt)Si was clearly identified to be present up to a RTA temperature of 900°C on narrow poly-Si lines as compared to pure NiSi which was found only up to 750°C. Raman scattering from the 100×100 μm2 poly-Si pads showed the formation of NiSi2 at 750°C for pure Ni-salicidation and 900°C for Ni(Pt)-salicidation respectively. The difference in the stability of NiSi on the poly-Si pads and lines is discussed in terms of agglomeration, inversion and/or nucleation of NiSi2that could be due to difference in nucleation sites and/or stress. In addition, a correlation between the line sheet resistance and the presence of Ni silicide was found using micro-Raman mapping along single poly-Si lines.

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The authors would like to thank R. Lee and W. D. Wang for their technical support. This work is in part supported by CSM-special project, IMRE and NSTB Grant.

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