Epitaxy and Atomic Structure Determination of Au/Tio2 Interfaces by Combined EBSD and HRTEM


We have studied the effects of deposition conditions on the epitaxial orientation of Au or TiO2(l10) and on the atomic structure of Au/TiO2 interfaces by combined EBSD and HRTEM. Two experimental conditions were explored consisting of deposition of a 12 nm Au film at 300K followed by annealing at 770K and direct deposition of a 12 nm Au film at 770K. Deposition at 300K followed by annealing at 770K give rise to a (111)Au//(110)TiO2 epitaxial orientation relationship, while direct deposition at 700K temperature give rise to an epitaxial orientation relationship given by (112)Au//(l10)TiO2 For both orientations, two epitaxial variants are observed which are twin related. The (112)au//(110)TiO2 orientation has been found to minimize the interfacial lattice misfit while maximizing the number of Au-Ti bonds across the interface.

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We would like to acknowledge numerous discussions with Ted Madey and Lei Zhang and thank them for the samples used in this study. Special thanks to Daniele Laub for her skill and patience in TEM sample preparation.

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