An Investigation of the Chromaticity of Blue Emitting Yttrium Silicate


This investigation studied the effects of Ho3+ and Er3+ on the luminescence of the blue emitting phosphor yttrium silicate, (Y1-mCem)2SiO5. Yttrium silicate has a large emission tail that extends into the red portion of the visual spectrum. To improve the chromaticity of this phosphor to give it a more saturated blue color, the emission intensity of the tail needs to be decreased. Photoluminscence and low-voltage cathodoluminescence measurements were performed on yttrium silicate phosphors with varying concentrations of Gd3+, Ho3+ and Er3+. It was found that when co-doping with Ho3+ and Er3+, the relative intensity of the emission tail was decreased, but so to was the overall luminescence intensity of this phosphor.

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