Development of Integrated Mechanistically-Based Degradation-Mode Models for Performance Assessment of High-Level Waste Containers


Alloy 22 [UNS N06022] is now being considered for construction of high level waste containers to be emplaced at Yucca Mountain and elsewhere. In essence, this alloy is 20.0-22.5% Cr, 12.5-14.5% Mo, 2.0-6.0% Fe, 2.5-3.5% W, with the balance being Ni. Other impurity elements include P, Si, S, Mn, Co and V. Cobalt may be present at a maximum concentration of 2.5%. Detailed mechanistic models have been developed to account for the corrosion of Alloy 22 surfaces in crevices that will inevitably form. Such occluded areas experience substantial decreases in pH, with corresponding elevations in chloride concentration. Experimental work has been undertaken to validate the crevice corrosion model, including parallel studies with 304 stainless steel.

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