Uniformity and Performance Characterization of GaN P-I-N Photodetectors Fabricated From 3-Inch Epitaxy


Gallium nitride wafer epitaxy on large diameter substrates is critical for the future fabrication of large area UV linear or 2D imaging arrays, as well as for the economical production of other GaN-based devices. Typical group III-nitride deposition is now performed on 2-inch diameter or smaller sapphire substrates. Reported here are visible blind, UV GaN p-in photodetectors which have been fabricated on 3-inch diameter (0001) sapphire substrates by RF atomic nitrogen plasma MBE. The uniformity across the wafer of spectral responsivity and shunt resistance (R0) for the p-i-n photodetectors has been characterized. Spectral responsivity and 1/f noise as a function of temperature exceeding 250°C will be presented for the GaN p-i-n photodetectors. Spectral response with >0.17 A/W at peak wavelength and having 4-6 orders of magnitude visible rejection has been achieved. 1/f noise typically less than 10-14 A/Hz1/2 at room temperature also has been achieved with GaN p-i-n photodiodes. The results have been correlated with proposed models for dark current and 1/f noise in GaN diodes.

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