Thermal Stability of GaN Investigated by Raman Scattering


We have investigated the thermal stability of GaN using Raman scattering. Noninvasive optical monitoring of the degradation of GaN during high-temperature processing has been demonstrated. GaN samples grown by molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) and metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOCVD) were studied. Characteristic features in the Raman spectrum identify three thermal stability regimes: (1) annealing below 900°C does not affect the GaN Raman spectrum; (2) annealing between 900°C and 1000°C results in the appearance of disorder-induced Raman scattering between the E2 and A1(LO) phonon; (3) annealing at temperatures higher than 1000°C gives rise to distinct Raman modes at 630 cm-1, 656 cm-1 and 770 cm-1. The evolution of the Raman spectrum of GaN with increasing annealing temperature is discussed in terms of disorder-induced Raman scattering. We find clear indications for an interfacial reaction between GaN and sapphire for annealing temperatures higher than 1000°C.

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