Characterization of InGaN/GaN-Based Multi-Quantum Well Distributed Feedback Lasers


We present a device fabrication technology and measurement results of both optically pumped and electrically injected InGaN/GaN-based distributed feedback (DFB) lasers operated at room temperature. For the optically pumped DFB laser, we demonstrate a complex coupling scheme for the first time, whereas the electrically injected device is based on normal index coupling. Threshold currents as low as 1. 1 A were observed in 500 μm long and 10 μm wide devices. The 3rd order grating providing feedback was defined holographically and dry-etched into the upper waveguiding layer by chemically-assisted ion beam etching. Even when operating these lasers considerably above threshold, a spectrally narrow emission (3.5 Å) at wavelengths around 400 nm was seen.

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