Incorporation of Er into GaN by in-situ Doping During Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy


The incorporation of Er into GaN by in-situ doping during halide vapor phase epitaxy has been investigated. The NH3, HCl, metallic Ga and Er were used as source materials, while N2 was employed as a carrier gas. The GaN:Er films were obtained at different Ga/Er source temperatures. The SIMS analysis shows that the steady state Er doping concentration can be as high as 2×1018 cm−3. All in-situ Er-doped samples luminescence at 1.54 μm due to the 4I13/24I15/2 transition of Er3+ at both low (11K) and room temperature. The higher the Ga/Er boat temperature, the stronger the 1.54 μm luminescence, implying a higher incorporation rate of Er into the GaN. The 4I11/24I15/2 transition luminescence, centered around 980 nm, can also be detected at both low and room temperature. The broad-spectrum PL measurements exhibited sharp bandedge luminescence without the presence of the yellow luminescence band.

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