Low Frequency Noise In n-Type Gallium Nitride


Low frequency noise has been investigated in hexagonal n-type GaN with equilibrium electron concentration n ∼ 1017 cm−3 at T=300 K. The frequency and temperature dependencies of the spectral density of the current noise, SI, have been studied in the frequency range f from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Over the whole temperature range from T=80K to 400K the SI(f) dependence is very close to 1/f. The value of the Hooge constant, α, is very large: α ∼ 5–7 and is found to be temperature independent. The effects of illumination on the low frequency noise in GaN are studied for the first time. The noise is unaffected by illumination with photon energy Eph < Eg, while band-to band illumination (EphEg) influences the low frequency noise, increasing the noise at higher temperatures, and decreasing it at lower temperatures.

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