GaN Device Processing


Recent progress in the development of dry and wet etching techniques, implant doping and isolation, thermal processing, gate insulator technology and high reliability contacts is reviewed. Etch selectivities up to 10 for InN over AIN are possible in Inductively Coupled Plasmas using a Cl2/Ar chemistry, but in general selectivities for each binary nitride relative to each other are low (≤2)b ecause of the high ion energies needed to initiate etching. Improved ntype ohmic contact resistances are obtained by selective area Si+ implantation followed by very high temperature (>1300°C) anneals in which the thermal budget is minimized and AIN encapsulation prevents GaN surface decomposition. Implant isolation is effective in GaN, AlGaN and AlInN, but marginal in InGaN. Candidate gate insulators for GaN include AIN, A1ON and Ga(Gd)Ox, but interface state densities are still to high to realize state-of-the-art MIS devices.

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The work at UF is partially supported by a DARPA/EPRI grant (E.R. Brown/ J. Melcher), while that at Sandia is supported by DOE grant DE AC04-85000. Sandia is operated by Sandia Corporation as a multi-program laboratory for Lockheed-Martin.

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