Valence Band Parameters for Wurtzite GaN and InN


Theoretical studies and design of quantum well lasers employing InGaN require material parameters for both GaN and InN. However, the Luttinger-like effective-mass parameters for InN are currently unavailable. In this work, we extract effective-mass parameters for wurtzite GaN and InN from their electronic band structures calculated using the Empirical Pseudopotential Method (EPM). We obtain the electron and hole (including the heavy- (HH), light- (LH), and crystal-field split-off (CH) holes) effective-masses at the Γ point in the kz and the in-plane kx-ky plane) directions using a parabolic fit. In addition, the hole effective-mass parameters are derived using the 6×6 effective-mass Hamiltonian and the k.p method. Our results will be useful for material design in wide-gap nitride-based semiconductor lasers containing InGaN.

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We appreciate fruitful discussions with Dr. S.-H. Wei of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado, US, and Dr. J. A. Majewski of Walter Schottky Institut, Technische Universitat Miinchen, Germany. Gratitude is expressed to Dr. M. Suzuki and Dr. S. Kamiyama of the Central Research Laboratories and the Semiconductor Research Center respectively, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., Japan, for their helpful information. We- thank the support of the Singapore National Science and Technology Board RIC-university research grant for project 681305, and the computing facilities from the NUS Computer Centre.

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