Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Group-III Nitride Thin Films using Single Source Precursors


The OMCVD of AIN, GaN and InN thin films using the novel single source precursors (N3)2Ga[(CH2)3NMe2] (1), (N3)In[(CH2)3NMe2]2(2) and (N3)Al(CH2)3NMe2]2(3) is reported. The compounds are non-pyrophoric. Compound 2 is air stable. No additional N-sources were used for the growth of the nitrides. We achieved epitaxial (A1N, GaN) or polycrystalline (InN) growth at least 200°C below the decomposition temperature of the respective nitride. Some aspects of the reactivity of the precursors with ammonia and the resulting influence on the deposition process were investigated.

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