Ultra-Smooth ZnO Buffer Layers on (001) Sapphire


Using off-axis reactive rf sputtering, we have grown extremely smooth, nearly epitaxial, (001) oriented ZnO films on c-axis sapphire substrates. Atomic Force Microscopy was used to determine that these films are extremely smooth, having an rms roughness of only a few tenths of a nanometer. Based on high resolution x-ray diffraction (HXRD), the ZnO is highly oriented, with a rocking curve width of less than 400 arc seconds for the (006) diffraction peak, and only somewhat larger for the (112) reflection. HXRD Phi scans show that the ZnO (112) reflection is rotated in the a-b plane by 30 degrees from the sapphire (113) direction. These two measurements indicate excellent in-plane orientation. We are investigating the use of these buffer layers for subsequent GaN growth. Electrical resistivities of the films exceeded 100 kΩ-cm making ZnO a potential candidate as an insulating buffer layer.

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